July 31: Construction activities are continuing to ramp up for the Cedar Cove River Project.

· Site Walk – Stantec and the Coalition met with the Contractor to walk the project area on Friday and clarify several items ahead of the start of construction. A couple of notes coming out of the site walk:

o The Contractor has staked the project area, according to the design plans. If the staking looks a little bit off from what you were expecting, please note that the stakes are offset approximately 5 feet wider than the proposed grading extents. If you have questions about the staking, please contact Shayna or Randy to discuss.

o Staging of equipment will occur on the County parcel near the county bridge. This is in close proximity to the dumpster located on that property. The contractor is working with the garbage company to relocate the dumpster slightly, so that the materials and equipment for the river project are not in the way of the dumpster.

o Please note that the contractor will use some of the existing access roads to move equipment and materials. Any roads used for this purpose will be reclaimed at the project end so that they are returned to the condition they were in prior to the start of the project.

· Construction Schedule – for approximately the next month, the contractor team will be focused on mobilizing, removing trees slated to be taken out, and earthmoving above the high water line. This will allow the project to progress while the flows in the river are high due to the BOR C-BT infrastructure repair project. When flows come down in September/early October (estimated) the contractor will begin work in the river that is only possible during the times of lower flows.

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