Fish Habitat Simulation Software Download

Physical Habitat Simulation (PHABSIM) Software for Windows (v.1.5.2)
System Requirements: Windows 7
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“The purpose of the Physical Habitat Simulation System (PHABSIM) is to simulate a relationship between streamflow and physical habitat for various life stages of a species of fish or a recreational activity. The basic objective of physical habitat simulation is to obtain a representation of the physical stream so that the stream may be linked, through biological considerations, to the social, political, and economic world.”

The manual itself is interesting to glance through, even if you don’t use software program because you’ll learn things about fish behavior and stream design. Appendix 4 is probably the best part of it:

“One of the more important aspects of an ecologically sound flow regime is the recognition that the long- term ecological function of a stream or river corridor requires that the physical processes that form and maintain a channel must be protected. There are numerous examples where sediment transport has been either severely reduced, such as below a dam, or significantly increased, such as runoff from a watershed that has been intensively mined or burned in a forest fire. In these situations, the channel will react to the change in the sediment dynamics and either degrade or aggrade differentially along its longitudinal gradient. In some instances, a well-defined river channel will become highly braided, in other circumstances the opposite effect has been observed. This problem, of course, is not confined solely to changes in the sediment supply since alterations in the flow regime, such as seasonally maintained low flows or abstraction of the high flow component for reservoir storage, can result in changes to the dynamic equilibrium between the flow and sediment transport. This can, in turn, result in changes to channel structure and habitat composition as well as changes in the dynamics of the streamside or riparian vegetation.”

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